Create participation actions in video to improve the active audience of your channel

Every day is more difficult to get an active audience that’s ‘stuck’ to the television during the broadcast of a program or series or even create more followers of a format. It is true that many programs offer to their audience interaction tools to vote, participate or review, but just a few give a leading role to their viewers.

One of the keys to get loyal viewers to a content, to stop and become from a passive to an active audience, is to offer something where they feel in real protagonists. Also become a viewer in content creators into a creative content, natural, spontaneous, innovative and great value.


Kinds of participation actions in video according to the television spaces

  • Daily news program: a daily news program or social gathering where you talk about topics in which the opinion of the audience can be a contribution of value, you can make a section of the program with videos of the audience giving their opinion on a specific topic or sending your questions to be resolved live by the experts.


  • Entertainment program: These programs always offers funny actions to the audience. Thematic participation in video as humor, music, abilities, challenges…  the best can be seen in the programs and even go live to perform.


  • Realities: Tend to drag followers and eager fans to participate. It can launch challenges to the audience to make on video and send them via web. Contests related to the participants can dynamize the community of fans, or if it is about realities where the participants do not have communication with the outside, the fans can send them videos of support.

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  • Series: The new series are betting every time more for the interaction and trasmedia content. Even, in the more interactive ones, viewers already decide from one chapter to another how they want to plot them. Why not bet then for launch actions  in which the audience can participate by uploading their videos?


  • Sports events: Football, basketball, tennis, formula 1… Are many of the sport events that are broadcasted on television and are followed by millions of people. These events are susceptibles to video participation actions by the audience both in advance to generate excitement  (video contest to get entries to the event), and during the event (send a video of how you celebrate the goals of your team) or after (the viewers commenting the results, the more controversial plays or deciding who has been the best player of the match).


The best to carry on this type of actions of participation, is that you can broadcast on your channel content generated by the users  (UGC Video), you’re going to obtain a big amount of content that you can have on your website and will increase the traffic and the interaction online. Also, you can exploit it publicly through your regular advertising adserver or from sponsorship one of the action.

Evidently, a television channel can not just get feedback from the video content that the viewers generated, but allocate more resources to generate campaigns that invites to create this kind of content, since it produces an increase in online / offline interaction and greater engagement with the channel.


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