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How to create transmedia content 100% generated with UGC Video?

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There is no doubt that the content in the video generated by the users has come to stay in the network but also becomes stronger each day within the media, including on television.


In previous post we mentioned the success stories of Selfie Show, Aygotuber de LOS 40 or Televisa, carried out thanks to UGC Video, today we will focus on talking about how you can generate television or digital formats with 100% of the content generated by the audience. Here you can download free template to connect with your audience through a UGC Video campaign.


The first thing that must be clear, is that any idea is not valid. You have to be aware of the type of audience you are targeting and propose an action in which they have fun and feel comfortable participating. But at the same time, they have to provide you with valuable content to generate a quality format.


To build a generated format with 100% from the users content and this content is likely to become a program, we can go to topics such as: talent, humor, cooking, DIY, travel. Topics like these tend to be very well received by the audience and invite you to participate for the simple fact of wanting to show a talent or what you are able to do and have some visibility.

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Remember in this type of online format is almost as important as offline because it will provide us with material and videos from the users. So, it is necessary to create an easy and intuitive site, at the same time automated, so that the audience can upload their videos in a simple way and the producer can manage them effectively with the transfer of image rightsand intellectual property. There are tools that you can integrate into your website and automate this process optimizing time and costs.


Obviously not everything is video content, although it is the fundamental part. When creating a format it is necessary to have a script and a common thread that gives meaning and continuity to the content. Only then, good final content will be achieved.


Among the fundamental advantages of creating this type of formats are:


  • Cost savings: This type of format allows you generate content at a lower cost than other types of productions where all the material must be recorded


  • Major engagement and interaction: As the audience itself is the protagonist of the format, it generates major interaction, engagement and loyalty.


  • Live content: The content is fresh, spontaneous and close. But in addition, you can go giving challenges to the audience based on what works best in the first programs. As the video upload is also open during the broadcast, the content of the program is ‘live’.


Dare yourself to create transmedia content with your audience as the protagonist. Create different content, close and with great interaction.

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