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This is how was the first Home Talent Show created 100% with UGC Video

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This is how was the first Home Talent Show created 100% with UGC Video

With all our clients and campaigns we learn new things. This is how, we are improving our platform and technology and knowing the user’s’ needs and behavior through the content they generate and share on different social platforms. With all this, we intend that the relationship between the media and the audience of digital media is the best possible.

Surely by now you have heard that online video content should be the central and fundamental axis of the digital actions of media and house producers. Only then will they be able to connect effectively with the current audience, since television has become the second option to enjoy video content. Its substitutes are the digital platforms and the UGC Video that fill the social networks.


The first Talent Show

About the Revolt TV vice president, Jack Katz spoke, who is blunt about the new digital scenario which the media must adapt, and says: “The content is the king and distribution is the queen. It would be a mistake if we treat the old media as new”.

That is why television must adapt to this new multimedia trend. A few months ago they thought that in the future the programs would feed on the video content generated by the digital media audience, but we have already reached that “future” and that concept is already part of the present of the industry television. If you want to achieve the same success with your campaigns as Televisa, we give you a discount of 15% for your UGC Video campaign.



Pioneers using the platform

In this side, Boing Spain and the house producer Lucky Road have been pioneers and have been using our platform to create the children’s program ‘Selfie Show’. The first Home Talent Show whose content was created solely and exclusively by its audience.

The purpose of this program was to fit to the digital needs of the new generations. And taking advantage of the talent that is to keep in the memory of smartphones throughout Spain in the video format, they created 13 weekly programs of 30 minute each that have managed to be an on-and-offline audience success.

A success that has been possible, thanks to the more than 5,000 videos that the viewers recorded and uploaded through our technology put on the Boing website. With a responsive design and personalized to the look & feel of the television network, the Hitsbook technology was allowed for the assignment of rights of under age participants of all videos.

To this success we must add the exceptional web traffic data and the 2.5 million page views that Boing.es achieved. Data shows the involvement of the audience when generate UGC Video content for media and production companies.

Objetives of the campaigns

The technology and functionalities of Hitsbook Solutions fulfilled the main objectives of this action that were to generate engagement with the audience, improve communication between the television network and the viewers and generate traffic on the television’s website. The campaign exceeded all expectations of participation and interaction. So much so, that months later we returned to be the support of the second edition of Selfie Show.

The data and interaction of this case of success, are the reflection of how the contribution of content generated by anonymous people, can give value and notoriety to a television network.

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