5 digital formats to reach online audience

Internet has changed the viewer’s behavior and television, finding  an  incremental use in the UGC Video gave a boom in digital platforms, multimedia modification processes and creative potential of the viewers… All these factors have made the media and production houses reinvent themselves through new digital formats in order to engage the regular and new audience.

Each digital format focuses in a generate type of content and allowing to reach diverse objectives. All of them have something in common, they allow you to reach the audience in an effective and profitable way, generate new viewer’s niches, increase engagement and improve the audience.


5 digital formats reach online audience


  • Transmedia campaign

By actions is where the audience collaborates to extent the platforms. The goal of these actions is to engage, connect and interact with the audience in an effective way with a specific target. This type of campaigns have a big success and reaction in the audience because it offers a protagonist and active role of the same.


  • Multiplatform actions

Are designated to engage the viewer’s majority that use different mobile devices while they are watching television. With a multiplatform campaign the television networks can create a 360º experience so they can connect and interact with the audience through different communication channels.

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  • Spaces generated by the audience

The social platforms get feedback from the content generated by viewers and television networks, nowadays they can generate digital dynamics where the viewer can create video content that allows media make programs or series with a spontaneous, fresh, dynamic, real and high impact to the rest of the viewers also with high audiences rates.


  • Speed up fans communities

Some series and television shows move millions of viewers and fans. So, it’s very important to have digital spaces where fans can be connected between them, generate debates, upload video content and get into their favorite series or programs and their protagonist. The goal of this format is to reach the followers in a very close way and in some way, make them part of the content generated in television. If you want to enjoy the content that is generated by your viewer and want to connect with your audience through a UGC Video Campaign


  • Interactive castings

One of the biggest advantages of this type is that you reduce the costs considerably and allows you to create several phases of online participation and have multiple managers that can filter the videos in a easy and quick form. Public online castings are always impacting and start to turn the format viral from day 1, but also, allows in a advance to know which profiles work between the public and which ones don’t.

These 5 digital formats can be used in isolation, it means, individually or mixed in various formats at once. The latter is somewhat more complex, but the results that you will get are high in value. Whether you choose a modality or another it depends of the behavior and characteristics of your target and the objectives that you want to reach.

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