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How to do online castings with Hitsbook Solutions

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In Hitsbook Solutions we have more than 12 business applications that allow you to create different actions to reach viewers and integrate the necessary technology into the web of your media or creating an independent microsite. But today we want to focus on explaining how you can do online castings through our specialized technology.

First we would like to highlight the advantages to carry on a casting (public or private) with Hitsbook Solutions, because you can optimize time in the first selection phases, receive and manage in an efficient form a big number of candidates, save costs, and resources, upload videos from different platforms and promote them in an organic reach through voting, phases and rankings. All of them, taking the maximum benefit because you can implement to your usual advertising adserver or from the advertiser that sponsors the casting.

How make online castings with Hitsbook Solutions


  • Define what kind of casting you’re going to develop

The casting that you will do can be public or private. But both have resources and functionalities in common, so you must be clear that each one has different objectives and the participation mechanic: Let’s see some differences:

– Public casting

Through a public casting you will generate a great online experience, previous expectation to the release of the format, you will be able to know the opinion of the audience about the candidates, generate fresh and spontaneous content on your site and also, you can exploit the UGC Video that is generated from advertising way with sponsoring brands.

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– Private casting

This type of casting takes the main role, the tool of internal management to make the first big format selection phases (talent shows, realities…)  where you can customize the registration formsfilter the videos by categories, contact with the participants at all times and have the management of rights transfer in an automated way.

  • Establish a series of objectives to achieve

Once you have defined the type of casting that you are going to make, you must define the objectives to reach with this action. The main objective will be to get the largest number of participants, but you must also take into account the level of engagement that can be generated, the interaction, the improvement of the brand image … Defining the objectives is very important for planning the complementary actions. To start connect with your audience through the UGC video, click here and get your 15% off.


  • Design activities according to the action

Through Hitsbook Solutions the casting (public or private) can be hosted in your own website, microsite or Facebook Fan Page. Once you have defined where to host it, you must create activities interesting for the users and highlight the key data.

  • Analyze and define your advertising formats 

As  we said before, one of the advantages that Hitsbook Solutions offers, is the possibility to exploit publicly your public casting, either through a single sponsor or enabling your usual advertising adserver.

               – Static advertising:

Through this modality you can enjoy the traditional advertising formats such as banner, backgrounds, megabanner …

– Dynamic advertising

You can add your own code of advertising advserver and configure your campaign in preroll, miroll, postroll form…

– Other advertising forms:

Hitsbook Solutions allows you to implement a logo in the participant video, predefine strategic hashtag in the title of the videos and keywords in the participating videos. In addition, you can commercially exploit the videos and the participant database afterwards.


  • Develop a communication strategy

From Hitsbook Solutions we support your action through an external communication strategy (social networks) and internal (community with more than 260.000 video creators). This step it is very important that you also have a communication strategy on, and even offline, to reach your audience in a more direct, fast and effective way

These are the 5 fundamental steps to perform a casting through Hitsbook Solutions.

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