Improve digital engagement by interacting with the media audience

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improve the digital engagement

The incremental use of digital platforms and the rapidity with technology advances, means the media must anticipate the behavior and what the audience demands. For that, you must know what spectators/readers or listeners needs and how to interact with them.

It is remarkable that the social networks have grown through the content that the users generate and, some media still resist to introduce the content  generate by the users (UGC) as interaction form in its strategies on and offline.

Why you must interact with your audience?


  • After participating or interacting with the media, 64% of the viewers visit the media website looking for more online content.
  • The consumption of online content while is watching television grow about 100% every year.
  • 73% of the networks that involve its audience to generate content, observe positive results after the campaign.
  • Promote the interaction with viewers/readers or listeners generates more users  to participate in others media actions.


Steps to interact with the audience of the media to improve the digital engagement.

  • Analyze the digital needs of your target

One of the main steps to connect with your audience, is to understand their behavior on the network and know what their digital needs are. It means, what kind of content they are looking for, which are the experiences that the network demands, what they expect from the digital media ambit. It is about creating interaction actions that improves the digital engagement and be involved with the contents of your media. Create transmedia actions having in count the behaviours in the network of your audience.

  • Power the web of your media off

When it is about to improve the engagement with the media audience, the best way is doing it is inside of your own online media. If it is true that the social networks always help, what it is also about is increasing the web traffic of your own site and for the audience to get familiar with it and visit it frequently. So make your site the main axis of the interactions.

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  • Support yourself on social networks

To potentiate the diffusion of the interaction action and get traffic to your site you must have in mind that not all networks  are designed and directed to the  same target audience. Analyze them and spread your campaign in one or those social networks that your target audience consumes the most.

  • Defines the mechanics of the action of interaction

It is important to design the mechanics of the campaign and what the communication and process between the media and the target of which you  want to direct. You can create the actions of interactions simple or complex according to the needs of the campaign.

If you want to inspire and take ideas to define the mechanic, we will tell you the example the success digital action carry out by Televisa. This action had more than 350 participant videos, more than 110.000 page views to the broadcast web and more than 12.000 votes in just 4 weeks.

  • Establish what type of content you want to generate

As it is a media and an online action, it is best to promote the interaction with video content, UGC Video. This content is the multimedia format that received more interaction and also, is the most demanding by the users on Internet. So if your digital action is directed to generate video online content, you are likely to receive a large number of visits. To achieve your goal and connect with your audience through a UGC Video campaign, download our free template.

These steps will help you in your strategy and involve your audience in an online way. It is very important you work well in the first steps, because it is the base for your digital action works. Once the campaign is on, do not forget to measure all the interactions, since they will help you to know the real behavior of your online audience

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