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5 keys for media to generate engagement with its audience

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One of the main problems that media faces is the lack of connection and engagement with its own audience. At this moment we find ourselves technologically generated, where everything is feedback from the viewer, engagement is something absolutely essential to create successful actions. If you have not asked yourself how you can improve as a media,  we’ll give you some points to think about:


Check this checklist if your media has the key points to improve the engagement with your audience


  • Do I offer value content to my audience? 

This first question is key to connect and improve engagement. The viewer/reader/listener has to receive the content that they expect when they choose your medium and if you also manage to surprise them, it is better. Analyze, measure and improve your content. Do not forget in digital field we tend video contents to achieve a major impact and consumption of content by the audience.

  • Am I generating space for my audience where they can comment, interact and participate…? 

Without a doubt, another fundamental point. It is important that the content we offer has a space for the audience to be able to express themselves and interact. These will be the foundations on which the relationship between the medium and the audience is built. It is very important to have viewers/readers/listeners active to help us know what type of content they empathize with more. A good example of a source for content generation and web traffic are online castings.

  •  Am I open to my audience becoming the protagonist of my content?

We found with the question of turning the audience into the protagonist of the value contents. It is clear that can be risky, but the truth is, if you doing in a controlled manner you will get good results. This type of content UGC (User Generated Content) is fresh, original, close and speaks to the viewers one on one, so it connects better and manages to generate greater engagement. If you want get the maximum benefit to this kind of content through the brand sponsorship, download our free guide.

  •  Am I encouraging my audience?

Another way to connect with the audience in a dynamic form is the realization of draws and contests where they can participate actively. In exchange we offer an incentive based mostly in living a unique experience and not just a material prize.In addition to encouraging the audience, it is also about awakening their emotions that later will associate with the media. This is a good way to generate engagement, loyalty and convert the participants into influencers.

  • Do I have influencers on my media?

The influencers are a very relevant figure. There is no doubt that the most important thing for a media is that its consumers recommend it, and thus, get new consumers. All the points we discussed so far will help this goal, but what about the influencers and the microinfluencers?

We agree that having influencers with many followers and power over their followers is a good thing, but we must take good care of their selection. According to the media it can be better to have less followers but be better segmented than many followers that cover a very broad but undefined spectrum.


Generating engagement with the audience and improving it will bring many benefits to your media. There will be an increase in reach, web traffic and result of advertising invesments of your clients when the loyalty and connection is greater with your audience.

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