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Manage your private casting efficiently

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manage private casting

There are many television channels and producer companies that make great talents or reality shows all over the world. This type of format requires a great preparation, but above all, a great casting team for the number of people who want to present themselves and have their opportunity. A good option is to make at least the first phase of the casting online. A first filter is made without having to move physically the casting team to different places.

What do the tools for online castings offer?

There are casting tools that allow to automate the management and reception of candidates that helps the casting team optimizes time and resources and in turn, only have to watch the videos that the candidates send. In addition, it can be done through a private casting.

In this way, the candidates access the online casting site, read the rules and requirements, upload their videos, photos and data to participate. On the other had, the producing company receives the candidatures in the administration panel in which they will be managing the casting. This type of castings will allow you to create UGC Video campaigns to connect with the audience, if you want to take the first steps, download our free template.

In addition to automating the process of receiving casting candidates, the production company will have different tools to make the process more efficient, such as:

Customizing of registration forms
Inclusion of questionnaires or pre-registration tests
Filters of participants by categories
The downloadable listings with the participant data
The management of transfer of participants image rights and data in an automated way
Monitoring the casting through participation statistics
Access to the panel to a different casting managers

How can I monetize my online castings?

As usual, the castings of talent shows or realities have a previous registration payment of a small amount (from sms or a call) that generates a great benefit to the television channel from the thousands of applications received. This modality is perfectly valid and also compatible in an online casting by the means of the previous registration payment or the registration activation via sms. If you are still unclear about the process, we recommend you visit our article on “How to do online castings with Hitsbook Solution”

Launch your online casting and start optimizing the time and resources of the production of large formats. Discover the advantages of having a video-based casting tool with which you can also preform other social actions of the format such as interaction with the audience.

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