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Online castings as a source of content and traffic for your website

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We all know what the main advantages of performing an online casting versus doing it offline (time optimization / costs, participation accessible to more people …).

You know how you can make these castings more efficient? The answer is easy, making them public whenever the project allows it. Public online castings are a source of benefits, in addition, participation in casting is based on sending video, it also becomes a great source of content. Here you can download a free template to know how to connect with your audience through a UGC Video campaign.

Below we list some keys to get the most out of your online casting. Take note!

Increase online traffic creating a casting site on your own website. There are tools that easily and in a short time will allow you to create a video casting and integrate it into your site with a personalized look & feel.

Generate interaction It is important that the same tool that you use allows you to enable voting, share buttons on social networks or create rankings automatically.
– Open voting to know the opinion of the public and to increase the register of users and increase your database.

– Create rankings of the most viewed, most rated or most shared.

– Witness the audience of the different phases of selection (semifinalists, finalists ..)

-Generates viral feed that leaves the participants to share their videos in social networks from your site. This will generate an organic reach of the casting by the participants themselves.

-Always encourage interaction. You can make a prize draw among all those who register to vote.

Get a sponsor to sponsor the casting and insert your advertising adserver (pre- / mid- / post-roll) into the participant videos. In this way you will be exploiting the casting advertising and taking advantage of all the online traffic that is generating in the best form.

Create extra content using the content generated in the casting:
-Articles with the best participants of the week, the most voted, the most viewed…

-Post on social networks that talk about the evolution of casting

-Video clips

After the completion of the casting, create a video summary with the best participants that you can broadcast to generate excitement before the launch.

If you are one of those who had never thought that a casting could contribute so much, in this post we tell you in detail how you can create your first online casting.

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