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Success story with a transmedia campaing [Aygotubers de LOS 40]

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How to impact and interact with the public

Aygotubers de LOS 40 is the result of the union of media (LOS40) and a brand (Toyota) with a precise objective to impact and interact with the young audience. This transmedia campaing had two clear goals:

LOS40 looked for new announcers and generate content for all their online platforms (web and social networks).
Toyota wanted to connect the launch of its new car, Aygo, with the profile of the buyer it was aimed at, the young public.
Together they created Aygotuber of LOS40, a online casting announcers that became an unprecedented digital action and a source of content for the medium.

The future announcers upload a video through the technology of Hitsbook to the site of where they presented and showed their skills for communication. After several phases of selection, the 20 finalists were summoned for a series of challenges, interviews, hidden cameras … and were recorded by the producer company El Play and uploaded to the casting site where anyone could enter to vote for their favorite candidate.

The transmedia campaign was a participation success, interaction and went viral with more than 300 participant videos, 20,000 interactions as votes and likes and more than 150,000 views of the content was generated. If you want toconnect with your audience with a UGC video, get a 15% discount here.

Thanks to the Hitsbook Solutions technology, we integrated the campaign within the Los40 page with the look & feel of the media and with the presence of the new Toyota car model through various advertising formats integrated in the campaign (banner, preroll in the participating videos …)

During this action, not only a huge amount of quality content was generated to include it in their social and web profiles, also a section of the contest was also opened in the Radiotubers program de Los40 presented by Uri Sabat. The finale took place on Facebook Live from the red carpet of the 40 Music Awards.

Aygotubers de LOS40 is a great example of how a brand like Toyota, can associate with a media and reach a target audience in a fun and dynamic way and connect with the consumers emotions. It is also an example of a different and viral campaign that a media can offer to a brand and interact with potential consumers.

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