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We are in full revolution of online video, and it’s a reality that does not stop growing with the improvement of technology and the proliferation of social applications that allow you to record video and upload it to the network at any time. In fact, 70% of internet videos are created by users and this UGC Video obtains 50% more clicks than professionally produced content.

By 2018, an increase of 70% in the creation of UGC Video is expected. But, how can media take advantage of this type of content for social networks? Here is a free guide on how a medium can benefit from UGC Video through brand sponsorship.

The media is constantly faced with problems to be able to use content, on the media, that their audience uploaded to social networks. Problems such as:


  • Ownership of the data and videos: The data and videos of the users of the network are not your property and therefore you cannot use them for your media.


  • Previous content management: There is no control over the content that the audience uploads to social networks and you want to filter the content that will relate to your media.


  • Real-time analysis: There are many social networks and analytical platforms and it is difficult to unify, control and extract the essentials for your strategy.

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  • Cost and time: The video marketing campaings requires a big resources investment, long developments and excellent coordination.


  • Fear of the unknown: How do you do it?


Therefore, for all these problems there are solutions, which also can be very beneficial qualitatively and quantitatively for the media.

The use of social networks to interact with the audience is good but if we take advantage of the potential of social networks to attract traffic to the site itself, the user experience and interaction occurs right there.

There are tools that can help you to create an interaction experience within your web site where your audience can upload content related to a topic or a proposed challenge. And from there, it can go viral in social networks. Doing this, besides solving all the previous problems, will bring you infinite advantages such as:

  • Increase traffic to your website and visit times
  • Generation of UGC Video content, close, spontaneous and original that has been supervised
  • Possibility of advertising exploitation of content for social networks generated by users (pre-, mid-, and post-roll)
  • Acquisition of new leads for the database


Start taking advantage of the video content generated by your audience and explore more active ways of interacting with it.

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