What is a transmedia campaign

A transmedia campaign is any action made by a media that is spread through several digital platforms, whose video content  engages the viewers and immerses it in a narrative context of important value to the audience, where the viewer themselves are the main protagonist and their videos content (UGC Video).

These kind of transmedia actions allow the TV networks or a brand link to a media, connect with the viewers in a direct, closer, entertaining and emotional way. One of the biggest characteristics of transmedia campaign is to yield the whole protagonist to the viewers content generated by a spontaneous form, creating a great experience in the audience.

It is a fact that the viewers are willing to generate great value stories linked to a media or a brand, this is the main element so a transmedia campaign is so easy to turn viral. Nowadays, thanks to the multiple digital platforms, the media can engage with the viewers in program stories, series or realities. Even, they can add a brand that interact with the particular target in a non-intrusive way.

How to carry out a transmedia campaign?

  • Define the kind of audience that would you like to target: All the viewers, no exception, are willing to interact with the media. But each generation seeks a specific digital experience when generating a UGC Video to go viral, program, or associate brand to a television format. So it is a basic step to know very well the target audience’s characteristics you want to focus on.
  • Analyze and select a digital platform: The kind of target audience you focus on will be a key factor to select one platform among others. Since each type of group audiences behave in a distincitve way and use specific digital platforms. Also keep in mind, that the digital tool of your choice has to fit according to the type of content you want to generate.


  • Generates unique experiences: Most viewers are leaving to consume television content because they are not interested and they do not find any value content. When you plan a transmedia strategy, focus in generating unique experiences for the viewers. If this happens, your campaign will go viral through social media and “mouth to mouth”.


  • Involve your viewers: The main protagonist of the transmedia campaign or any digital action, must be the viewer. The UGC Video that these generate is very valuable, so kicking out the audience would be a serious mistake. So it is a fundamental requirement give to the viewers the space that they deserve  and convert the content that they generate in any transmedia action.

To start your transmedia campaign remember the four steps that we’ve told you. Remember that just as each viewers group behaves and interacts in a different way, each digital platform has a number of features and functionalities. So take the time that you need to analyze each one and choose that one that better fits with your target audience and your media.

The new viewers behavior are the most demanding every time, and have at their disposal several digital platforms in which they are able to consume video content. So if you want to connect with them, one of you campaign objectives must be created for a specific action that enhance the content in video generated by the viewers.

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