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What technological solutions can you carry out with Hitsbook Solutions?

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What technological solutions can you carry out with hitsbook solutions?

In Hitsbook Solutions we have a specialized technology in UGC Video and we help media and producers to improve the on / off audienceand get the most out of the UGC Video content.

To make this happend, first you must understand that viewers have changed their way of consuming content. Now audiences are multiplatform and consume content in online video, digital television and spaces that invite them to participate generating their own content.

Therefore, in Hitsbook Solutions we offer 6 technological solutions to the service of media and production companies. 6 ways to reach your audience effectively and profitably and also include advertising formats that allow them to get more benefit from online actions. In case you want to take advantage of your content, we leave you here a 15% discount to connect with your audience through a UGC Video campaign.


6 solutions to monetize the video content that viewers generate

  • Contests and challenges

The viewers become more and more active and want to express their opinion and be part of the television spaces. For this we have tools to encourage interaction from the video format. Through this type of actions, which can be contests or challenges, you will have an online space with original and spontaneous content, incentives and gamification for the audience that will allow you to boost your Social Networks and get more traffic online.


  • Content generated by your audience

Through the UGC Video, you can generate formats, spaces or sections in your media. The main objective of this type of actions is to turn your audience into the protagonist and increase engagement. In return, you’ll get relevant content with which to make numerous creative clips that help you reach your audience effectively.


  • Castings

Whether through a public or private casting, you can make a selection processes by optimizing time and efficiently managing a large number of candidates. Save costs and resources and make your castings more accessible.


  • Create formats 100% UGC for television

Through our technological support you can generate television formats generated 100% with the content created by your audience. Thanks to our functionalities you will be able to manage the video content generated by quality and resolution criteria and automatically manage the cessions of image rights and intellectual property.


  • Second Screen

The audience is multiplatform, so the second screen actions are the best tool to generate engagement with the audience before, during and after the TV broadcast. Therefore, in Hitsbook Solutions we help you to create second screen actions to interact with the viewers at the time of the broadcast.


  • Dynamization of fan communities

One of the actions most demanded by viewers, is to interact with their idols, presenters or guests, so in Hitsbook Solutions we facilitate you to carry out this type of actions with which you can generate a large database to exploit commercially, create a community of fans of a program and create challenges to the fans to participate, vote or comment by making the action go viral.


Advantages of using any of these 6 technological solutions

  • Increase digital KPIs
  • Generate a real engagement with your audience
  • Provide a different transmedia product
  • Create new advertising formats for your online advertisers
  • Get fresh, original and spontaneous video content at zero cost
  • You will have the transfer of data and videos of the audience, including under aged participants


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