Why bet for an online casting?

The main advantages of betting for an online casting or at least for conducting the first filter of online candidates has multiple advantages such as:

  • Optimize time in the first stages of selection
  • You efficiently manage and recieve a large number  of candidates
  • You break the geographic barrier by making it more accesible to more people
  • You save costs and resources

Do you want to know how a media can benefit from the UGC Video through the brand sponsorship? Here is a free guide. Some tools allow you to automate the process and make the user himself, through the registration fields, categorize his video directly in the upload process and even allow the option to create international castings and multi-language option.

Depending on the confidentiality of each project, you can make public or private castings. Each option presents a series of key points to consider:

Public castings

Make your public castings a real online experience for your audience and generate fresh and spontaneous content on your site.

  • Create expectation in the previous months before the launch
  • Know what the audience thinks about the candidates
  • Generate interaction on your online media prior to the final election
  • Open the casting to potential sponsors and exploit it commercially, taking advantage of the success of the action.


Private castings

We offer you a comfortable and simple tool to manage the first phases of your private castings in video.

  • Video viewing and management panel
  • Contact with participants in just one click
  • Automated transfer of rights management
  • For large campaigns, you can activate the registration option prior payment and get more benefit.

If you want to know how to make your first online casting you can check the following page where we tell you How to do online casting with Hitsbook Solutions”.

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