La Apuesta – Televisa

Televisa’s new musical talent program ‘La Apuesta’ launched with Hitsbook the first phase of its casting privately. The candidates between 16 and 23 years old uploaded their video through the web-enabled site of Televisa and the program team used Hitsbook as a tool for managing, filtering and selecting candidates. All facilitated by the manager’s system that the platform has and through which an administrator can appoint one or several steps to filter the incoming videos.

In this casting, more than 1700 people participated by uploading their video singing a capella and among all, Televisa has selected the candidates who go to the next stage of the process.

This online casting has supposed:

  • Saving a lot of time and channel resources.
  • It has made casting accessible to the 32 states of Mexico from which thousands of candidates have participated, of which 300 have moved on to the next phase.
  • All the video content generated in the casting is owned by Televisa and therefore can exploit its content on TV.

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