Selfie Show 

Selfie Show is the first television show created with content generated exclusively by the user. Produced by Lucky Road, it has two seasons of 13 deliveries issued in Boing, the channel of Mediaset Spain destined to the infantile public.


Selfie Show is a transmedia product that has achieved the transfer of audience from online to offline and vice versa and has managed to involve not only the children target but the whole family.


Lucky Road and Boing counted on the Hitsbook technology to be able to enable a personalized site in that allowed the upload of the videos by the users. And internally, be able to manage and validate the videos received and manage the transfer of rights of minors and intellectual property.


Selfie Show is a great example of how to turn your audience into a protagonist and get to be much more than a TV show. Reaching more than 5,000 videos uploaded with a total of 1 million views and 2.5 million page views. Selfie Show has also become the most viewed broadcast on generalist television and has been adapted by Boing Italia.

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