Generate useful content for your brand…

...from your community and professional video makers, you will be able to use it in your marketing and communication campaigns

With this HB Solution you will be able to:

Turn your audience/consumers into protagonists of your content and increase engagement

Get fresh and spontaneous content for broadcasting

Advertising exploitation of content that generates benefits

Filter the content by quality and resolution criteria

Enjoy the cession of data and ownership of videos

Tracking pixel insertion for more statistical control


Aygotuber de Los40

LOS 40 and Toyota have created the transmedia project ‘Aygotubers de LOS 40‘. A fun casting of online announcers that has been a success in participation, interaction and impact with 300 participating videos, 150,000 views and more than 20,000 votes.

Complement your UGC Video campaign with added value services
Guarantee of minimal participants

Tell us what your objectives are, your target audience and the type of action you want to take, and we guarantee a minimum of participants

Hiring microinfluencers

Through our marketplace, we can activate a group of microinfluencers with which you will achieve greater segmentation, better engagement and a more credible message

Production of content clips

We edit the content generated in your UGC campaign creating multiplatform clips.

Production formats for tv/digital

We develop multiplatform entertainment formats based on UGC where the brand emotionally connects with its consumers.

Distribution of content on our VOD platform

We put the VOD section at your disposal so you can distribute your branded content projects to a more qualified and influential public.

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