LOS 40 and Toyota have created the transmedia project 'Aygotubers de LOS 40'

The action is based on a fun casting of online announcers, aimed at a young target audience, which becomes a source of original and spontaneous content for the LOS 40 website and the social networks of both organizers. With the presence of Toyota and its new model of Aygo (also aimed at a young target audience) the campaign has become a success of participation, interaction and impact with 300 participating videos, 150,000 views and more than 20,000 votes (recorded).

For this client it was very important to have a technology like Hitsbook that would adapt to all the needs of the project:

  • Integration with the LOS 40 website
  • Upload of video
  • Video conversion with watermark and a customized preview with the logo of the brand
  • Video management
  • Interaction options (votes, share buttons, rankings …)
  • Insertion of advertising in the participant videos through ad server
  • Voting registration and control
  • Download the content generated in the campaign to make clips
  • Monitoring of campaign statistics in real time

As a result of the success of the campaign, the web traffic and the impact of the brand increased, extra weekly content was generated and a daily space in the LOS 40 ‘Radiotubers’ program.

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