U.S. Pork and Carat launch the campaign 'I love Cerdo Sabroso' (I love tasty pork) to promote and boost the consumption of pork in Mexico

You are looking for the best story behind a recipe made with pork. An emotional branding campaign aimed towards Mexican women to remind them of the family recipes that their mothers or grandmothers prepared for them when they were girls. This action of branding and engagement is a great example of how to promote a brand or product through emotions, supported by close, original and spontaneous stories that only your potential consumers can create.

To achieve the success of the campaign Hitsbook activated within its community the profile of women with children between 25 and 45 years old and enabled the iframe on the client’s website. ‘I love Cerdo Sabroso relied on the collaboration, advertisement and amplification of a renowned chef, Chef Oropeza.

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