Canal Sur counts on Hitsbook every Christmas to interact with its audience

The Christmas Carol from Canal Sur, is the UGC (User Generated Content) digital action that the Andalusian television channel has been doing for more than 5 years. The network invites all Andalusians to upload their video version of the popular Canal Sur carol and thus become the protagonists of Christmas. With the hundreds of videos generated by the audience, Canal Sur creates content clips to broadcast during Christmas.

Being an online and offline action, the network has managed to connect and attract its younger audience to participate, vote and interact online to ensure that their video is one of those selected and can be shown on television.

Canal Sur continues to rely on Hitsbook for its digital video interaction actions for several reasons, for example:

  • We simplify the process of video reception and management.
  • Costs, time and resources are reduced.
  • We facilitate the download of the videos in original quality for the creation of the clips for broadcasting.
  • We automatically manage the transfer of image rights, including minors.
  • We generate a transmedia experience for the audience in which they can interact, watch, vote, share and comment on the participating videos.
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