On the occasion of the premiere of 'The Secret Life of Pets' Universal Pictures Spain was looking for the 5 most pet-friendly cities in Spain

On this occasion, it was important for users to upload videos of their pets and invite them to share, vote or watch the videos. The origin of all the interactions was recorded on a map of Spain that told us in real time which cities were winning.

This was how 5 cities won and were awarded by hosting one of the previews of the film which hundreds of the participants who had shared the videos of the campaign were invited to see the film before anyone else.

In this action Hitsbook took care of:

  • Development of a map that recorded the interactions for the campaign
  • Enable iframe on the movie’s Facebook Fan Page
  • Manage the campaign, contact users and deliver the prizes
  • Activate the community of users and influencers from different cities who had pets to participate in the action.
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