'Nickelodeon Videostars', a social action launched by children's channel Nickelodeon and produced by Lucky Road

The digital campaign of ‘Nickelodeon Videostars’ was born to raise awareness among children about the conservation of the environment, healthy living, equality and awareness about bullying. Each of the 4 social issues had its own song and video clip and the objective was that the audience of the channel was recorded making their own versions of the choreography.

  • In the Hitsbook site integrated in the Nickelodeon website you could participate by uploading the videos.
  • With the best moments of each week, Lucky Road created clips to distribute on the official social networks of Nickelodeon, Youtube channel and On Air. In addition, the clips were uploaded to the site to continue generating visits and views.
  • Being a campaign with minors as the target audience, Hitsbook also acted as support management of the cession of image rights of minors through parents or legal guardians.
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