Televisa premieres the movie 'Elysium' on Channel 5 interacting with its audience

In order to generate interaction with the audience (digital engagement) a site was created on the Channel 5 website with Hitsbook technology where the audience could participate with their video telling us something they would dream to do or have and that would improve their life or their day. The content of this action went viral on social networks through the hashtag #YoDeseo.

This campaign lasted 4 days, which allowed to create a great expectation before the film was broadcasted. In addition, participants could win a PS4 and the best videos could be seen during the film’s screening on Channel 5.

Thanks to our control panel, the Televisa team in charge of the campaign was able to review and accept the videos quickly and effectively and also download them immediately so they can be used during the transmission of the movie. In just 4 days more than 70 videos were obtained, more than 14,000 page views and almost 5,000 views.

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