From the hand of Hitsbook, Universal Pictures launched a dynamic to participate with the different generations of Jurassic Park fans.

The ‘Camino a Jurassic World’ campaign was developed in 2 phases:
  • The first one, carried out 6 months before the premiere, focused on generating anticipation with a quiz that aimed to connect with the biggest fans of the saga and turn them into ambassadors of the recognized film.
  • The second, implemented 1 month before, consisted of inviting the audience to upload their video under 3 different dynamics connected under the same storytelling that would allow us to generate a final video that will bring together the best moments of the most watched and shared videos.
To make this possible, the project was created within the Fan Page of the film thanks to the UGC technology of Hitsbook Solutions and the guarantee of a minimum number of participants thanks to the community of the video creators of Hitsbook Network.
With the material received, a video was created that shows the passion that fans feel for the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World saga. This one minute clip was used by Universal Pictures on their social networks to promote the premiere of the film.
An extended version of the clip, of 3 minutes, was also created that was shown in the pre-premieres in the main capitals of the Mexican Republic, just before the viewing of the film, turning the fans into the main protagonist.
Between the two phases there were more than 2,500 participants. The winners were awarded double tickets for the premiere of the film, as well as exclusive items from the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World saga.
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