Santander Bank and the Scuderia Ferrari launch the international contest 'Driving Innovation'

Users could participate with their ideas to make life easier by uploading text, image or video. After the first few weeks since the start-up and several communications, the video dynamics did not meet the expectations of participation and it was then when they contacted Hitsbook in order to activate their community of video creators from Spain and Mexico, and increase the participation. In 3 weeks, 200 participant videos were obtained in an organic manner that helped solve the great problem of participation in the audiovisual category of the action.

In this type of actions it is important to have support, such as the support of Hitsbook, that allows you to:

  • Have a community of video creators willing to participate.
  • Offer a guarantee of participation.
  • Know and have an established segmented community to have the ability to have a reaction in a short period of time.
  • Implement an alternative plan of activation and an effective method to capture the target audience attention with the advanced action.
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