Selfie Show is the first television program created 100% with content generated exclusively by the user

Produced by Lucky Road, it has two seasons of 13 episodes on Boing, the Mediaset children’s channel. Lucky Road and Boing counted on Hitsbook technology to be able to carry out this novel television format that required:

  • Enable a custom site on that allows the users to upload their videos.
  • It was able to be internally managed and validate the received videos, aided by resolution and quality filters, which facilitated the work when selecting and downloading videos to create each program on a weekly basis.
  • Manage the cession of image rights of minors
  • Assign different levels of administration to several casting managers allowing the producer to easily and quickly view the more than 5,000 videos that were received.

Selfie Show is a great example of how to turn your audience into a protagonist and get to be much more than a television show. Reaching more than 5,000 videos uploaded with a total of 1 million views and 2.5 million page views.

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