Universal Pictures Spain once again relies on Hitsbook to create a unique experience prior to the launch of the animated film Sing!

A musical talent contest in which anyone could upload their video by singing their favorite cover. The participation and interaction on the part of the users and the design of the mechanics focused on objectives is what turned this promotion campaign into a powerful action and digital impact.

More than 750 people participated with their video, generating in less than 3 weeks more than 580,000 views, 30,000 votes (recorded) and 880,000 page views.

The campaign hosted on the Fan Page of the film, to attract the community of the social network, had 2 participation phases and 4 teams led by 4 youtubers.

With all the participating videos, content clips were generated for Universal Pictures’ social networks, a fresh, spontaneous content with the essence of film, music and talent.

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