Televisa's new musical talent show 'La Apuesta' (The Bet) launches with Hitsbook the first phase of its private online casting

Candidates between 16 and 23 years old upload their video through the site enabled on the Televisa website and the program team used Hitsbook as a management tool, filtering and selecting the candidates. All facilitated by the managers system that has the video platform and where additional administrators can be named to filter the incoming videos.

In this casting more than 1,700 people participated by uploading their video singing acapella and of all the participants, Televisa selected candidates who continues onto the next phase of the process. This online casting has meant for Televisa and the producer of the program:

  • Saving a lot of time and resources.
  • It has made casting accessible to the 32 states of Mexico from which thousands of candidates have participated, from which 300 have moved on to the next phase.
  • All video content generated in the casting is owned by Televisa and therefore the content can be exploited on TV.
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